Kyra Hickey

Muhlenberg College

Kyra Hickey, a junior at Muhlenberg College, is committed to utilizing the power of movement to combat the ways in which dominant narratives impact our intra and interpersonal relationships. For more than three years, Kyra has collaborated with 3 different groups of children within 2 local elementary schools and on-campus on a weekly basis, while exploring structural barriers to equity. She is committed to exploring issues of body positivity, food security and access to holistic education, and feels passionately about building spaces where people can feel strength within their own bodies despite societal pressures and social circumstances.

President Kathy Harring
Muhlenberg College

Personal Statement

So much of our lived experience relies on the ways in which our bodies are inscribed. Nyama McCarthy-Brown writes, "In dance we cannot escape the body - even though it can prompt personal and external judgment provoked by these inscriptions." Movement has taught me that rather than attempting to escape, we must enter and investigate our embodied reality more deeply to unleash the fullest expression of our power. I believe in the transformative force of movement. Whether it's dance, sports, yoga, or simply walking, movement enhances our inter- and intrapersonal connections. Access to regular physical activity and movement practice drives my work in community. I conceptualize access to activity as tied to food security and body positivity. These issues disproportionately affect people in relation to bodily inscriptions. I strive to share movement as a means of resolving negative perceptions of the self and others. My mission is to empower young people to mobilize their unique voices (and bodies) to harness individual strength and collectivize to fight dominant narratives that may dissuade them from loving who they are. Nurturing young people and their wellness is a responsibility and a public priority if we hope for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Kyra Hickey
Dance/Italian, Women's & Gender Studies: Class of 2021
written 2020

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