Kyle Bligen

Mercer University

Kyle Bligen is a passionate public servant and social innovator who strives to assist others in their pursuit of a purpose driven life. A driven and generationally minded leader, Kyle tirelessly seeks to ensure that America's youth possess an empowerment infrastructure conducive of their personal development and future success. As an AVID Tutor, he volunteered in local schools and acted as a community mentor for at-risk youth. He saw, firsthand, the need for community involvement and parental support in raising tomorrow's leaders. Selected as a Mt. Vernon Leadership Fellow, he researched and created programs that would combat America's fatherless pandemic. Kyle created the framework for The Bligen Family Foundation, an organization that would provide families with online resources such as pro-bono legal counseling, financial literacy education courses, and reliable healthcare information. Now, Kyle will work to bridge the gap between institutional leadership and community outreach. He will be spearheading a mentorship initiative at Mercer University that will pair successful student leaders with at-risk youth.

William Underwood
Mercer University

Personal Statement

A product of a supportive two parent household, I acknowledge the importance of living in a home that is conducive for personal and intellectual growth. I am an ardent supporter of filial success. I acknowledge that a troubled home can constrain and distract a student from obtaining educational achievement and hamper one's personal development. I have always cared about the filial wellbeing of my peers and those living in my community. However, I was spurred to take action the summer of my high school graduation. One month before beginning the fall semester of my freshman year, my father passed away unexpectedly. My father always urged my family to live a life of purpose and consistency. It is with this message, that I implore individuals to choose to live a life of purpose daily and convert their pain into an unrelenting passion for good. I recognize that many individuals can highlight societal issues, but few operate within society to create practical solutions to real world problems. I am a dedicated leader, driven to create solutions to our community's most pressing problems.

Kyle Bligen
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (concentration): Class of May 2018
written 2017

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