Kimberly Johnson

Carroll College

Kimberly has consistently exhibited outstanding leadership abilities and an exceptional commitment to service. She has demonstrated commitment and fortitude by leaving a good-paying job to go back to school and get trained in an area she loves: nursing. She is an outstanding individual, a leader in the classroom, and someone other students admire. Kimberly prepared a proposal to create a mobile health center/van that can travel to rural areas in Montana to provide medical care to these under-served regions. She is both an extraordinary student and person with a deep passion for improving the lives of others. Carroll College is proud of her example here on campus and in our community and I am excited to see how her commitment to rural health will improve the lives of countless Montanans.

Dr. Thomas Evans
Carroll College

Personal Statement

Helping others is something that I have been doing for many years; from helping my neighbor shovel his sidewalk to paying for an elderly woman's cart full of groceries (after she realized she had left her wallet at home) to visiting patients at our local nursing home center. Caring for others is central to my everyday life. And I have taught my children to do the same: care for those around you. Starting a mobile health clinic for under-served rural Montanans is another extension of my caring and giving attitude. I hope to bring much-needed health care services to children and adults in rural communities who may not have the finances or capabilities to do so. Having a mobile health clinic outreach will lower overall healthcare costs, will diagnose illness and disease sooner, and will build relationships between those providing care and those receiving care.

Kimberly Johnson
Nursing: Class of 2019
written 2016

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