Kevli Sheth

Centre College

Kevli Sheth, a sophomore at Centre College, is a student leader who models true civic engagement and has made a deep and lasting impact on our community. They balance multiple commitments with enthusiasm and their passion for social justice and inclusivity on campus inspires and empowers others. As the only Jain at Centre, Kevli is uniquely sensitive to the need for interfaith understanding. They worked with CentreFaith to develop a Diwali celebration with South Asian students and have volunteered to speak on interfaith panels. In their work with Centre Feminists, Kevli promoted increased menstrual literacy on campus and collected pads and tampons to distribute within the local community. They have coordinated panels related to women-of-color and hair and women in STEM. They are also involved with Centre Pride Alliance, Partners in Health Engage, and are a member of the Lincoln Scholars program, a scholarship for students who have the capacity and desire to change the world. Finally, Kevli was extremely engaged in the successful work of relocating a Confederate Monument on the grounds of a church across the street from the college. Their work on this initiative included researching, polishing the historical rationale and modifying strategies among group members.

Milton Moreland
Centre College

Personal Statement

As a queer Indian-Kentuckian, I have seen the impacts of stories my whole life. Religious stories about recognizing the divinity in all beings, family stories about immigration and community-building, and discovered stories about my queer ancestors empower me to act in their legacies. I also have been driven to create social change after experiencing how stories are weaponized. Stories about hellfire have coated myself and other LGBTQ+ people in self-loathing and isolation. Stories maligning marginalized groups justify gerrymandering and further healthcare inequities in my hometown. In my work on removing Danville, Kentucky’s Confederate monument, I, alongside others, studied and expanded stories that intentionally obscured the violence committed in the Confederacy’s name. I am currently continuing my advocacy at Centre College as a executive member of Partners-in-Health Engage and our LGBTQ+ and feminist groups. After Centre, I look forward to entering the public health field and developing more equitable health structures and communications. Whether professionally or generally, I aim to both broaden and continue narratives that people before me began and those after me will benefit from.

Kevli Sheth
Biology: Class of 05/2024
written 2022

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