Kevan Shah

Muhlenberg College

Kevan Shah, a junior at Muhlenberg College, is passionate about decreasing opioid overdose. Even before he matriculated at the College, Kevan was working collectively with the New Jersey Reentry Corporation to make health policy recommendations specifically related to opioid use. While at Muhlenberg, Kevan started an organization called End Overdose Together intended to give communities the tools they need to prevent overdose. The organization equips college students to lead training sessions with individuals and organizations in opioid overdose recognition and prevention, and trains them to be able to use Narcan. Kevan is committed to the collective power of community health.

Kathleen Harring
Muhlenberg College

Personal Statement

I am at my best when bringing my head, my heart, and my hands together to serve others. In recent years, my deep-seated desire to do so has led me to take community-based action. After witnessing Narcan (opioid overdose rescue agent) save the life of someone my age, I realized that expanding access to it may be one of the most effective ways to combat the opioid crisis. And so, I founded a nonprofit called End Overdose Together to ensure that all individuals in our community are aware and able to administer Narcan when confronted by an opioid overdose. Working alongside a team of changemakers has not only affirmed my commitment to serve those in my community but underscored the kind of deeply meaningful social change that can happen through collaboration.

Kevan Shah
Public Health/Neuroscience: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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