Kenneth Brown

Elon University

From letter of recommendation:
"Kenneth Brown, a first-year student at Elon University, is committed to improving the lives of those around him. Though his time at Elon has been brief, Kenneth's activities at the University and in his home community provide clear evidence that he goes beyond direct service to seek long-term solutions for social issues, inspires and engages others, and demonstrates the motivation and potential for effective and long-term civic engagement. Upon arriving at Elon, he quickly sought leadership roles. He was elected First Year Class President. He became a mentor at a local housing authority. These experiences helped him better understand the issues our community faces and how he can be a part of the solution. Elon faculty and staff who have worked closely with Kenneth offer abundant praise of him. Those who know him well speak to him as being a caring young man who is fully committed to his studies and passionate about addressing major social and political issues. I believe he would be an outstanding choice for this honor."

Dr. Leo M. Lambert
Elon University

Personal Statement

My involvement in civic engagement started in my sophomore year of high school. I started an organization called the "Every Club" a human relations club dedicated to preventing bullying and forming a sense of pride in our community while teaching others how they can make a difference. We created programming such as a variety show, "Day of Hope", and events for middle school students. "Teaching Tolerance recognized us as a "Mix it Up" Model School because we were committed to making our community a better place. So, coming to Elon and being First year Class President and a mentor at a local housing authority. It's helped me better understand the issues our community face and how I can be a part of the solution. I will be a summer mentor in my scholarship program, The Odyssey Scholars Program, at Elon to help with the transition of students who far-off dreams of going to Elon, due to extenuating circumstances, was made a reality. I plan to use the knowledge that I have learned to continue to help my community reach their goals. I work to making my community a better place and I'm not done yet."

Kenneth Brown
Undeclared: Class of 2019
written 2016

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