Kemberly Gil

The College at Brockport

Kemberly is a sophomore political science and international studies double major who demonstrates a strong passion for advocacy and social justice. Since a young age, Kemberly has been active in issues of immigrant rights, specifically working with the migrant farmworker population. She has fostered awareness and education as a panelist and workshop presenter, along with co-directing the award winning film "The Dreamers Among Us." This documentary shared the stories of undocumented students as they struggled to obtain a college degree.

As a Community Ambassador for the Office of Community Development, Kemberly has skillfully turned her passion into action by organizing programs like the Farmworker Clothing Drive which collected more than 300 items for migrant children, women and men including hats, gloves and coats for the cold winter months. She is leading an Alternative Spring Break trip for Brockport students with Rural Migrant Ministry, which includes the opportunity to work directly with migrant farmworkers and meet with a state senator. In her work with the Brockport Migrant Education Program, she has been an unwavering supporter, tutoring adolescent youth and serving as an ally and advocate for them at their work sites. Her career goal is to become an immigration lawyer.

Dr. Heidi R. Macpherson
The College at Brockport

Personal Statement

My passion to fight for immigrant justice stems from my personal experience. I remember when I went to my first immigration rally in my hometown. I remember hearing the community pleading to be heard, sharing their stories, chanting, and crying for change. Through my work with the Youth Arts Group, I learned about the power my voice has. I learned to lead workshops, organize events and even created a documentary. Coming to college I knew I needed to continue my advocacy. When I started working with the Brockport Migrant Education Program, I began to see how large the farmworker population in the area was, but how the community rarely acknowledged it. As an Outreach Tutor Advocate, I support youth by giving them English classes, regents prep or even lessons about how the political system works and their rights as farmworkers. In my role as a leader on campus, I strive to promote awareness as a Community Ambassador in the Department of Community Development. I believe it is my job to educate the college community and inspire students and faculty to be part of this movement towards justice for farmworkers and immigrants.

Kemberly Gil
Political Science and International Studies: Class of 2018
written 2016

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