Kemar Kidd

Alfred State College

Kemar Kidd, a first year student at Alfred State, is already a strong student leader active in issues related to gender equity, AID/HIV awareness, and community outreach in general. Inspired by his interests and past involvement in social action, Kemar created the new Fashion Empire Club on campus which combines fashion with community outreach. This club has utilized fashion to raise awareness, mobilize volunteers, and organize events that address vital societal issues. For example, he incorporated AIDS/HIV awareness and education into a fashion show last semester. Kemar has shared that "no matter what WE MATTER". It is this passion and leadership that has helped him generate impact and tackle community challenges on campus and beyond.

Dr. Skip Sullivan
Alfred State College

Personal Statement

The Fashion Empire club was created to show unity and inclusion among individuals from different backgrounds. It is apparent to me that this club has blossomed into something more powerful as I encourage my board and general members to think of creative and impactful ways of getting a message out that others will be able and capable of receiving.

Because of a pivotal time in my life, I've vowed to dedicate my time to helping people. So far, my club and I have fund-raised and created more awareness related to important issues in new ways. For example, we incorporated HIV and AIDS into our fashion show and educated students on alternatives and where help can be found both on and off campus.

This semester we've started a new program called Emergent 2 Society that will be doing community outreach. For example, we will host a fundraiser with Golisano Children's Hospital for adolescent and young adult cancer. Funds raised through this event will be donated alongside items such as toys and cards made by Fashion Empire. I am excited to see how this event turns out and what the future holds.

Kemar Kidd
Business Administration: Class of 2019
written 2016

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