Kelly Taft

Carroll College

Kelly is currently a junior at Carroll College who has consistently exhibited outstanding leadership abilities and an exceptional commitment to service. She has demonstrated this commitment in a variety of ways from her leadership of the Carroll Outreach Team student club to her role as the Community Service Liaison for the Hunthausen Center for Peace and Justice. Kelly is widely recognized across campus as a collaborative leader dedicated to raising awareness and working toward long-term social change in the Helena community and beyond. She is an outstanding individual, a leader in the classroom, and someone other students admire.

She has planned numerous fundraisers for local charities as well as for the international relief work of Catholic Relief Services. In addition to her roles with the Carroll Outreach Team and the Hunthausen Center for Peace and Justice, she is also a Catholic Relief Services campus ambassador. In this capacity, she has helped raise awareness about human trafficking and migration.

Thomas Evans
Carroll College

Personal Statement

I am blessed with many opportunities in my life, including the opportunity to go to college. I feel that I have a responsibility to make the most of my education by giving back through service, organizing fundraisers, and promoting awareness on campus about issues facing our world. I hope to empower others to devote their lives to service in their fields of study, and to think critically about how they will give back to the world. I'm blessed to have professors and mentors on campus that challenge me to work harder to study how to address causes of poverty and how I will work beyond my campus to serve the marginalized. I hope to teach after I graduate and eventually become involved in the law to be a voice for those who feel they do not have one.

Kelly Taft
Political Science, History: Class of 2018
written 2017

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