Ke’Juan Morris

Tulsa Community College

Ke’Juan has been instrumental both on and off campus in raising awareness of inequalities through photojournalism. He recently used visual media to document the Tulsa Pride Parade, Tulsa’s March for our Lives, and several recent elections in the Tulsa area. Additionally, his leadership has culminated in a comprehensive action plan for North Tulsa that focuses on green urban planning (specifically project development and transportation). Ke’Juan understands that systemic change can happen only when those who are passionate about civic engagement collaborate with others to find real solutions to social issues. We need leaders in our city like Ke’Juan who can accurately identify injustices and respond with innovative solutions. In his own words, “Sustaining a healthy, vibrant community for all requires like-minded people to commit to a long-term process of progress.” It is students like Ke’Juan that give us great hope in the future of our college and our city.

PhD Leigh B. Goodson
President and Ceo
Tulsa Community College

Personal Statement

Tulsa may seem like a homogenous enough city, but under the surface resides a large disparity in terms of income, health, and opportunity. Vast areas of North Tulsa qualify as food deserts and are in great need of development. I believe that when urban planners are conscientious of the environmental impact of their decisions, cities can develop in socially responsible ways that benefit all in the community. Approaching urban planning with environmentalism in mind not only has the benefit of helping to combat climate change; it can also be a way to limit waste and improve incomes for people in those communities. I have a vision to see individuals in North Tulsa bond together to focus on Green Urban Development. My long-term goals include planning for more environmentally friendly parks, implementing a Zero Waste Initiative, developing greener and more extensive public transportation, and establishing incentives to attract socially responsible developers. These are large goals; however, I believe that change can take place when people come together to collaborate. I have been working with city councilors, city planners, local residents, and colleagues to collaborate on strategies for change. I feel that these plans will help bridge the gap of health and income disparities in North Tulsa as compared to the rest of the city.

Ke’Juan Morris
Digital Media and Biology: Class of 2020
written 2019

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