Keion Adams

Wilson College

Keion is a sophomore exercise and sport science major. He serves many leadership and community roles at Wilson College, and has volunteered for many causes since childhood. Keion recognizes need in individuals and in communities. He identifies solutions and motivates others to help meet the needs. Keion demonstrated leadership in high school as captain of the basketball team. He has shown leadership at Wilson College as a member of the Student Athlete Mentors group. To be an athletic mentor, Keion was nominated and went through 10 weeks of training. He was selected as one of the top 16 players in the North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC). He volunteers in several programs and is the student director of the campus food pantry.

Keion volunteered in a community art project on campus to build a monumental stick sculpture. He helps a fellow student in charge of a program called "Beautiful Me." This program is a support network and awareness campaign that encourages a healthy body image. It resulted from a young woman's experience with anorexia and her willingness to help others. Keion helped manage the program at Wilson College, and he has helped form a bridge to the program for male athletes.

Barbara Mistick
Wilson College

Personal Statement

One of the things that I am passionate about is learning about ways to help others and enforcing it. Since grade school, I have participated in several community activities such as: Feeding Our Future, Hosea Feed the Hungry, Susan G. Korman Walk for the Cure and Hunger Walk. I enjoy meeting new people, socializing and helping at community events. The challenges sustained in communities, has always inspired me to continue to be more involved in social issues throughout the years. In High School, as a Basketball Captain I always encouraged my team members to get involved and help make a difference in our community.

Currently, I attend Wilson College as a sophomore. During my first year, I was awarded the Curran Scholarship for my years of Volunteer services. I am honored to have been recognized to receive this scholarship. While attending Wilson College, I have mentored incoming students as a Student Athlete Mentor. This program has helped me to engage and prepare incoming athletes as they transition into college life. In Oct 2016, I helped with the opening of the first food pantry at Wilson College. This program was needed as there were many students who were faced with hunger issues while on campus. The food pantry was a great way to help students who wouldn't otherwise have enough resources for food. It is a great feeling to be able to inspire others and be a part of something positive that helps build a stronger community.

Keion Adams
Exercise and Sport Science: Class of 2019
written 2017

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