Kayleen Freyre

Nassau Community College

Kayleen Freyre, a sophomore at Nassau Community College, is active in issues related to human rights through developing workshops on issues such as police brutality, income inequality and student leadership. She brings awareness to the abuse of human rights, such as the freedom of expression, freedom against torture or cruel treatment, freedom from discrimination, and also to help combat these abuses through action. Kayleen co-sponsored Human Rights Days on the campus in the spring and fall of 2015. She collected signatures and raised awareness for Amnesty International campaigns such as freeing political prisoners. She helped organized students for NYPIRG Lobbying Day (February 2016) and spoke to elected officials regarding the campaign, rising cost of college education and inequality regarding access to affordable education. She was instrumental to the college's food pantry that provides food for students and employees in need. She also personally organized a color coding system that makes the food pantry easily accessible to specialized dietary needs such as kosher, vegetarian, vegan, halal and gluten free. Her other endless commitment to our community also includes the Long Island Food Not Bombs, Strong Youth of Uniondale, donation of school supplies and books to families in the Uniondale School District as well as working with at risk youth to help them see their potential.

Dr. Thomas P. Dolan
Interim President
Nassau Community College

Personal Statement

One of my proudest accomplishments at NCC has been the work I've done as the Amnesty International Student Group President. We have circulated petitions, hosted workshops, brought speakers to campus, and raised awareness for numerous human rights issues. However, if I have opened the eyes of one student to see their potential to change the world, to me, that is worth more than 1,000 signatures on a petition.

I feel humbled and honored to represent NCC as this year's Newman Civic Fellows Award recipient. I hope that my work at the college serves as an inspiration to all, but mostly to the students of NCC, where we seek to empower our community by providing affordable and quality education to the masses. "

Kayleen Freyre
Liberal Arts Humanities: Class of May 2016
written 2016

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