Kayla Wilkerson

Muskingum University

Kayla Wilkerson, a junior at Muskingum University, is a student leader engaged in collaborative action to create change in issues surrounding inclusivity of multicultural students and advancing leadership opportunities for underrepresented populations at small liberal arts universities. Kayla transferred to Muskingum University and within one year of being a Muskie, elected as the Diversity Relations Chair for Student Senate and Academic Excellence Chair for Theta Phi Alpha. She serves as a Muskie Ambassador mentoring first year multicultural students. Additionally, she is a member of the Council for Exceptional Children, active in the Muskie Impact community service program, works as a Resident Assistant, Student Financial Aid Assistant, Tour Guide, Assistant Preschool Teacher, and as a Student Assistant for the Education Department. One of Kayla's goals for the year is to encourage the visibility of multicultural students in leadership roles on campus. Kayla is an exceptional student leader who puts compassion, intentionality, and motivation into improving the community not only on campus but, locally and nationally. Not only does she uphold the values of Muskingum University but embodies those of Dr. Frank Newman. She is a passionate advocate for creating opportunities for diverse students to excel and succeed in a university setting.

Susan Hasseler
Muskingum University

Personal Statement

I have the honor of serving in multiple leadership roles at Muskingum University. Through my involvement with the Black Student Union, I participated in discussions centered on the black students' experience at Muskingum alongside peers and faculty members. During these discussions, I identified a need on campus, and that was more multicultural student representation in leadership roles around campus. A new program was established to combat this need. The Muskie Ambassador program allows me to mentor a multicultural first year student to help them along their university journey. Additionally, I am the Diversity Relations Chair for Student Senate. This position allows me to further my collaboration with many multicultural individuals and organizations on campus. I'm blessed in the opportunities I have been awarded, but I know my work is not yet done. I continue to take an active role in other areas of campus. As the Academic Excellence Chair for Theta Phi Alpha and a Muskie Tour Guide, I am able to highlight the many possibilities that exists in terms of academic success, involvement, and leadership to not only current students but, also prospective students. I feel empowered, largely in thanks to my peers, faculty, and staff at Muskingum University.

Kayla Wilkerson
Early Childhood Education and Special Education: Class of 2019
written 2018

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