Kaycee Campbell

Mesa Community College

In the past two years, Kaycee Campbell, an exceptionally passionate Mesa Community College student, devoted over 2,000 volunteer hours giving back to her community as a servant-leader. The majority of her volunteerism came in addition to her status as a full-time student, and while working full-time.

Her first year as a student leader, Kaycee served as the College Project Officer of Phi Theta Kappa, where she lead a team of students and staff in conceptualizing the college's first financial literacy program, which is still active 18 months later. Kaycee continued to serve this organization as the Honors in Action Officer, leading yet another team to accomplish a sizable goal. In this endeavor, Kaycee and her team sought to inspire community members to act upon water accessibility issues in the United States, as well as around the world. She was able to secure a representative from the United Nations to present a keynote address at Mesa Community College, to which over 150 students, staff, and community members attended.

Going beyond the campus, Kaycee also serves as the Arizona Region President of Phi Theta Kappa and has recently become an official candidate for International Vice-President of Division IV.

Dr. Shouan Pan
College President
Mesa Community College

Personal Statement

Prior to my service with Phi Theta Kappa, I never considered myself a leader. It seemed to me that leading was a luxury for the elite few who could convince others to serve them. Then I learned the term "servant-leader" and something inside me activated. It was as though a flame ignited within me, and with it came a burning passion to lead others through service.

Many people have commented on the magnitude of the projects I lead, usually stating that it is among the largest in which they have participated. I find this to be encouraging, and motivating. I put immense amounts of hard work into my projects and it is always a welcomed experience to be recognized for it. However, I feel one project is not enough to change the world regardless of the size. This is also a blessing, as I know the next project has to be bigger, and involve more people. The more people I can engage in serving our community, the more I feel I have accomplished for bettering our future. I serve my community through volunteerism, but I serve the future by encouraging others.

Kaycee Campbell
Technical Writing: Class of 2017
written 2016

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