Kathryn Huntress

Saint Joseph's College

Kathryn Huntress is a 3rd year Social Work major who also serves as Peer Mentor, ACE Tutor, and works as an RA on campus. Through her various roles on campus, Kathryn has identified a need for students to find space to engage in self-care and to reach out for support when needed, particularly given the unique stressors of the COVID pandemic. She brings these observations into her Social Work courses, and she has been instrumental in supporting Campus Life staff around enhancing support for students across the academic and social spectra. Kathyrn is involved with a number of other clubs on campus, and is completing her first Social Work internship within the Campus Life program. She is also looking at ways for students to engage with each other and with community in light of pandemic-related restrictions.

Jim Dlugos
Saint Joseph's College

Personal Statement

I first became involved with helping others when I was a high school student and volunteered for the Believe in Books Literacy Foundation. I had the opportunity to bring free books to children across Northern New England as the Bookmobile Coordinator, traveling to different preschools to read to children, and helping to collect donated books from the community. This opportunity allowed me to see how it is easy to take for granted small things, including access to books and education, and I found my passion for helping others. At college I am the Peer Mentor Student Coordinator for the Academic Center for Excellence's (ACE) Peer Mentor Program. I lead a group of leaders who welcome and provide resources for first-year students. I'm also a Resident Advisor for first-year students. In addition to these experiences, I work as a student-worker for the ACE Office, guiding students to their proper resources, proctoring exams, and communicating with all the departments on-campus. All of these experiences require advocating for other students, communicating with the right resources, and providing the best experience for others I can.

Kathryn Huntress
Social Work: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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