Katherine Haley

Bristol Community College

Katherine Haley is a second-year student, studying Psychology, at Bristol Community College. Katherine dedicates a considerable amount of time in service to both the campus and surrounding communities, dedicating her time to outreach efforts and building human connections. Through her work with local addiction treatment programs, Katherine is focused on assisting others through their recovery process and ending the stigma about addiction. A believer in the power of education and connection to community, she designed and participates in mentorship programs for students in need of additional support at the College. She will be graduating this year and furthering her education in the field of psychology, with a focus on trauma, it's effect on the individual and community, and ways we combat the effects of trauma through personal connections.

Laura Douglas
Bristol Community College

Personal Statement

At four years old, I experienced homelessness for the first, but not last time in my life. My mother made a game out of the situation for my brother and me by saying we were just on a new adventure. Thirteen years later, my mother was the program director of that same homeless shelter. I grew up in poverty, but also with a role model who taught me that if I could not give to my community monetarily, I could give my time. Being personally affected by addiction, I have been involved in service to the recovery community for almost three years, serving in multiple capacities that conduct outreach and try to maintain personal connections during this period of isolation. Being of service gives me a sense of purpose and fulfillment. My goal for the future is to complete my Doctorate in Psychology with a focus on trauma. While I will always be engaged in on-the-ground service to my community, I feel that by doing research on generational trauma, I can serve a larger community. I want to see under-served communities get the necessary help, and I will dedicate my life to meeting that need.

Katherine Haley
Psychology: Class of 21-May
written 2021

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