Katherine Carey

Saint Anselm College

Katherine Carey, a sophomore at Saint Anselm College, provides critical leadership for the college's Service Events Program and Service-Learning Program. Both programs build capacity and social capital within the Manchester Community. The Service Events program does this by providing annual events that help meet an outstanding community needs. These events provide an opportunity for community members and students to work together. The Service-Learning Program does this through service connected to learning and civic engagement.

In her freshman year Katherine became the leader of the Service Events Program. She was responsible for planning, organizing, promoting, recruiting volunteers and participants for and running large-scale service events on campus. These events reach hundreds of community members, over 30 community organizations, and hundreds of Saint Anselm College students. As a Meelia Center Staff Support Leader she is responsible for leading and providing support to her fellow service-leaders as they engage over 300 students in regular service-learning and community work each semester.

In a short time Katherine has inspired hundreds of her peers to engage in community. Her ability to inspire, engage and organize others to action has led to significant contributions to the Manchester and Saint Anselm College community.

Dr Steven DiSalvo
College President
Saint Anselm College

Personal Statement

Engaging in the community has always been a passion of mine. I have had the opportunity to volunteer at Child and Family Services of Manchester, New Hampshire where I worked alongside the staff to support and provide for runaway and homeless youth in surrounding cities. I participated in the Street Outreach program, which involved going out into high-risk areas of the city and offering direct assistance while providing the essentials one needs to survive, such as food, water, clothing, and shelter. I currently serve at Sununu Youth Service Center in which I am a leader in the Public Achievement program that helps support the youth in making changes within the Sununu community. Additionally, in my time at Saint Anselm College, I have been fortunate enough to work as the Service Events Coordinator and the Staff Support Leader. Both positions have allowed me to pursue my love for civic engagement and work towards making social changes. I have gained leadership skills and have become more knowledgeable on the social issues and needs that my community faces, and I hope to use these skills to support and encourage others to want to make a positive impact on bettering our society as well.

Katherine Carey
Social Work: Class of 2018
written 2016

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