Katarina Huss

Michigan State University

Katarina Huss is a third-year student at Michigan State University. In her time at MSU, Katarina has enthusiastically pursued independent research, advocacy work, and community service. She is dedicated to empowering her fellow students and community members to become involved in policy-making, and is especially passionate about immigration policy. Her leadership on campus has created opportunities for students to lobby local legislatures for policy change, participate in campus coalitions interested in improving administrative transparency, and learn about the policy making process. She hopes these experiences will help students better leverage their voice and help them implement better solutions for their communities. In Lansing, Katarina has worked with resettlement and post-resettlement agencies in their programs to assist refugees in learning English, connecting with local community members, and accessing resources. Her current research in resettlement policy is a result of these experiences in the Lansing community. She hopes with his research to develop better policy solutions at the local and national levels for refugees.

Dr. Satish Udpa
Michigan State University

Personal Statement

My dad suffered an aortic aneurism when I was 11 years old, placing our family in an increasingly precarious economic situation and tasking me with familial responsibilities not typically assigned to a young child. Fortunately, with assistance from my community and time, my situation normalized, and I was afforded privileges like the ability to go college. However, not every American child or child around the world is afforded that privilege, and many children forced to take on familiar responsibilities at a young age never see their situation normalized. Policy could improve these situations and provide adequately for members of our society. However, the policy process has been positioned so it is inaccessible to the people who policy affects, and thus is not informed by their experiences. As a student of public policy, I believe it is essential to make sure the policies I design are informed by community members, and to help students and individuals access policy-making mechanisms. Therefore, my leadership on my campus and in my community has been centered around enhancing the voices of others and helping them turn their passions into implementable policy.

Katarina Huss
Comparative Cultures and Politics and Social Relations and Policy: Class of 2020
written 2019

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