Kailee Latocha

Wheeling Jesuit University

Kailee Latocha, a second-year student at Wheeling Jesuit University, is a student leader especially active in the issues of educational reform. Kailee is a valued member of the HESS Mentoring Program, both as a volunteer mentor for "at risk" youth, and as a member of the HESS Student Staff where she very effectively develops programming for the group. Kailee is also a Pedro Arrupe, S.J., Scholar, a University leadership program. She is an active member of this group and leads students in a variety of service projects and immersion experiences -- most recently an immersion experience to better understand the struggles of the homeless. Kailee's ability as a leader and her compassion for the less fortunate enable her to advocate for those in need, as well as, encourage others to work with her to make this world a better place. Kaliee lives out our mission at Wheeling Jesuit University, that of "life, leadership, and service, with and among others."

Rev James J. Fleming, S.J.
Wheeling Jesuit University

Personal Statement

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much your care," (Theodore Roosevelt). As I grow into an adult, this quote resonates because it defines my purpose. I see learning as an academic focus. However, early in my life, I realized the importance in fostering the socio-emotional growth in others. Throughout my high school career, that desire to help others grow educationally, socially, and emotionally continued as I had opportunities, such as volunteering in a grant program targeting "at risk" youth in my rural community during the summers. As a result, it was a natural fit for me to become active in the HESS (Help Enrich Someone Special) Mentoring Program at Wheeling Jesuit University. Through HESS, I encourage academic success for those in need; however, most importantly, I listen and truly care about successes and failures of others. In addition to the Hess program, I have participated in many service projects that continue to inspire me to do more. The reality of never being able to do enough is all too clear to me; therefore, I hope to continue me civic leadership by doing a year of post graduate service with at-risk youth.

Kailee Latocha
Math/Secondary Education with Theology Minor: Class of 2018
written 2016

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