Justin Pierre

Millersville University

Justin Pierre, a junior majoring in Government and Political Affairs with a minor in Sociology, is a transformational student leader with a proven ability to work with others to find solutions to challenges facing the campus community, particularly in the area of college access and success.

Justin serves as a peer-mentor for the University's Pre-Scholars Institute, a summer bridge program for incoming first-year students. As a Fellow in the Civic and Community Leaders Development Program, Justin has made significant contributions to the civic education and engagement of his fellow students.

Through his involvement in Student Senate, Justin has worked tirelessly on behalf of all students. As Vice President, Justin created a grant program which helped over 60 students pay for their textbooks. As President, Justin organized an event which enabled 300 students to gain more reliable access to the Internet. When classes were canceled due a faculty strike, Justin kept anxious students informed about the details of the strike and how it might affect them. Finally, Justin created and secured approval for a program which uses money from the Student Senate budget to reimburse student athletes for costs associated with participating in postseason competition.

John Anderson
Millersville University

Personal Statement

Growing up with six siblings, I learned quickly what it meant to be my brother's keeper. Upon my transition from high school to Millersville University, I never forgot the value in that. Having held several leadership positions at Millersville, I always do my very best to look out for students and student groups who need help. One of my proudest moments as a Fellow in the Robert S. Walker Center for Civic Responsibility and Leadership was being able to help over 40 people register to vote in one afternoon, leading up to the 2016 presidential election. Being able to engage with my community not only helps me get to know students and grow my circle of peers, but I feel it also makes the Lancaster community a better place to live for all of us. I have developed many skills surrounding community outreach and organizing; teamwork, following and giving clear and concise directions, and, perhaps most important of all, understanding the complex needs and wants of my community. It is my hope that one day I will be in a most fortunate position to get the chance to change people's lives every day. Making one person's life better makes everyone's better!

Justin Pierre
Government and Political Affairs: Class of 2018
written 2017

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