Junruo Fu

Normandale Community College

Junruo (June) Fu, a graduating transfer student at Normandale Community College, is a student who has the most developed sense of herself and of her mission in life I have ever seen in such a young person. She is always looking for opportunities to learn and to serve. At age 13, Junruo immigrated from China in pursuit of education and economic mobility.
Through structured organizations and in campaigns of personal conversation, Junruo provided professional development and academic support for young learners through the Hmong American Mutual Assistance Association, generated awareness and funding through the United Way Campaign and Arise Project, expanded opportunities and advocated for recent immigrants in her community and currently serves as a Success Mentor Leader on campus. Junruo has been involved in many creative initiatives. This combined with her passion for social justice has given us an extraordinary trailblazer who has been able to foresee the impact of her work on the broader community. She has the unique ability to see the importance of the interconnections between all people. She lives each moment of each day in service to others; guided by the intelligence of her mind and the wisdom of her heart.

Joyce Ester
Normandale Community College

Personal Statement

As an individual, I believe we embody membership to both privileged and marginalized communities. It is our responsibility to be part of the solution at the individual, organizational, state and national level. My middle school planted succeed for my community involvement. My middle school teachers encouraged me to join student government. They saw my passion, and I was often encouraged to speak on behalf of my peers. Moreover, as a high school student, I remained involved in volunteering within my multiple communities and found meaningful ways to engage my peers too. It was an honor to accept the Senior Achievement Award Volunteerism during my last year of high school. Now as a college student, I continue to give my back to my community through mentoring and educational opportunities for recent immigrant communities. After earning my education goals, I would like to use my professional training as well as my multilingual skills to help those who are new in this country understand their rights and responsibilities and to help them access better opportunities.

Junruo Fu
Marketing: Class of 2016 (but will transfer)
written 2016

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