Julia Soriano

Bunker Hill Community College

Julia Soriano has demonstrated an outstanding leadership record in the Boston community. As a Bunker Hill student for the past year, she has dedicated her time as a Service Leader for our Office of Community Engagement. Since returning to Bunker Hill Community College after ten years of having graduated high school, Julia has demonstrated exceptional service through her involvement with Jumpstart and the series of student discussion, "Speaking On It," reflecting on social issues. She has also dedicated her time to volunteer with many organizations in the Greater Boston area. Julia has worked hard to motivate her peers to become involved on campus and encourage DACA students like herself to share their stories motivating them to continue working to achieve their goals. For her multiple active commitments, Julia has given over 2,000 hours of her time generously to be an agent of change in addressing the need to improve access, equity, and success among the Bunker Hill students. Not surprisingly, Julia vocalizes how she has gained the skills she needs to be a community change agent. She describes her leadership style as being a resourceful listener and advocate.

Pam Eddinger
Bunker Hill Community College

Personal Statement

I am known to fight for what I believe in; throughout my life I have overcame challenges that have helped me continue to persuade my dream of becoming an accountant at Bunker Hill Community College. Learning that when you really want to achieve something you have to work really hard to achieve that goal. As a leader for the Office of Community Engagement I have continued my leadership skills by sharing my experience with other students and hearing their stories. I contribute to campus life by making it better for other students. I volunteer as a way to give back to the community and also to set an example for other DACA students like me. As a leader I also invite others to serve, by making the fliers posting them around the campus, tabling promoting events, working in teams, creating social media posts, and translated material into Spanish making it accessible for others on campus. The “Speaking on It” series allows students to share their perspective about a topic about the community where there was no right or wrong answer. I have built myself to have excellent communication, facilitation to have these conversations with other students.

Julia Soriano
Accounting: Class of 21-May
written 2021

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