Julia DelMastro

Salve Regina University

Julia DelMastro, a sophomore nursing student at Salve Regina University, is a student leader advocating for the elderly. For the past year and a half, she has been an active volunteer at the Edward King House, a local recreation center for the senior citizens of Aquidneck Island. She has helped create and lead the Silver Surfer Program: a class intended to teach basic technology, a Meditation Class, and a Hand Care and Manicure Program. She is currently working to create more interactive programs for Salve students to participate in and raise awareness for the elderly population.

Kelli Armstrong
Salve Regina University

Personal Statement

During crises, the world is drawn to giving back to their community, but many forget about the elderly population. They are victims of neglect, cyber abuse, and lack of stimulation from their communities. The Edward King House is a place where older adults can interact with one another and provides them with resources such as insurance help, continuing education programs, and stimulating activities that nurture their mind, body, and soul. In the last two years, I have created special programs that gear towards their needs. These programs include the Silver Surfer Program: a class intended to teach basic technology, Meditation Class, and Hand Care Program, where I give manicures and hand massages to women who suffer from arthritis. Through these programs, I have had the privilege of getting to know many of the members personally and have listened to them. Being one of the founding members of our volunteer program at EKH, I hope to create more awareness for future Salve students and hope to expand our programs. I wish to be considered for the Newman Civic Fellowship to continue to advocate for our senior citizens. It’s time for us to give back to those who deserve it most.

Julia DelMastro
Nursing: Class of 23-May
written 2021

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