Judson Crawford

Palm Beach Atlantic University

Judson has been involved in the wider West Palm Beach community since his first year on campus. In his first few weeks on campus, Judson began volunteering with the Rosemary Village after-school program. Rosemary Village is an underserved low income community two miles from our main campus. Judson became a regular presence in the after school program.

In addition to his work in the after school program, Judson chose to remain in West Palm Beach this past summer instead of returning home to Georgia. Judson became a camp counselor at the Salvation Army, in the Rosemary neighborhood. Judson was able to continue mentoring many of the elementary and middle school children that he had come to know through the after school program.

Working in the community and mentoring young people is often a slow process that requires persistence and patience. Judson exemplifies these qualities not only in the Rosemary community but on our campus, as well. Judson is a role model for service, which is why I have nominated him to be a 2018 Newman Civic Fellow.

William Fleming Jr.
Palm Beach Atlantic University

Personal Statement

Growing up in the hills of Rome, Georgia, opportunity seemed limited outside my small hometown. Raised in a middle class family of five, I never seem to fit in. The catalyst for my life was my desire to be different. I choose to be different by expressing humility in every area of my life. At PBA, I have been blessed with the opportunity to mentor inner city students, while serving as a leader for an after school program called Rosemary Village and as an after school counselor at the Salvation Army. I have learned that these youth lack resources, mentors, and the inspiration; like I did as a child. My goal is to show my students that it is okay to be different. My passion for these students is formed through my belief in the human race. I chose to study psychology so that I could further study how to foster resilience in the face of life's hardships. We all have a purpose, a desire to be successful, and a drive to be virtuous. Because of my passion for these youth, I have been able to recruit like-minded volunteers, from PBA, to serve with me in the community.

Judson Crawford
Psychology: Class of May 2019
written 2018

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