Joyce Nawara

Texas Lutheran University

Joyce Nawara, a second year student at Texas Lutheran University, is a student leader passionate about addressing issues of socioeconomic injustice. For the last year, she has worked with a community partner called West End Neighborhood Project, which focuses on bridging the gap in resources within a low-income neighborhood of Seguin, TX. In addition to routine neighborhood clean-ups, which involve local residents and university students, Joyce has helped coordinate the building of Free Little Libraries, which promote literacy and safety within the neighborhood. She is currently working with local residents to determine other ongoing needs, and helping to connect TLU students to the neighborhood as a way to get engaged in the community.

Stuart Dorsey
Texas Lutheran University

Personal Statement

I grew up on a farm where my parents struggled to live from paycheck to paycheck. This experience made me aware of the struggles of low-income families. During my first year as a college student, I was exposed to the socioeconomic gap in Seguin, Texas, where Texas Lutheran University is located. The economic injustice motivated me to work at the Center for Servant Leadership on campus. At the Center, I work with a community partner, a non-profit focused on rebuilding the neighborhood and bring awareness of the city's resources to residents. Some of the projects created to bring change to the community include neighborhood clean-ups, building of Free Little Libraries, and city gatherings of non-profit resources to help residents make changes in their lives. From this opportunity, I am learning every day how important a voice and capacity-building is to create change in a town, especially when addressing issues as impactful as economic inequality.

Joyce Nawara
Biochemistry: Class of May 2019
written 2017

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