Joshua Senft

Anderson University

Joshua Senft, a first year political science major at Anderson University, has been recognized by his peers and professors as a student leader who is making a significant impact on campus and in his community. Joshua has demonstrated a commitment to civic engagement that inspires and engages others to participate in the electoral process and take advantage of the civic responsibilities that are foundational to the democratic process. By his graduation in May of 2019, Joshua plans to create enough political and democratic awareness on campus that the majority of the student body participates in the 2018 electoral process and eligible elections. Joshua believes that the democratic principles that we experience in the United States are only as effective as the degree in which its citizens participate in the process, including young voters.

John S. Pistole
Anderson University

Personal Statement

The freedom to elect our leaders in the United States is not merely a right; it is a responsibility. Unfortunately, this responsibility is not treasured by everyone. Voter turnout is far too low. Because of the profound love I have for my country, I have been very involved in the political process by volunteering hundreds of hours in campaigns, from the local to the national level. The public servants I have worked for continue to inspire me and have encouraged me to involve others. I am eager to help fellow citizens register to vote, point them in the direction of credible sources of information, and introduce them to others who are committed to improving our country. In the short term, my goals include increasing voter participation rates with the students and the faculty at my university, and promote more civil political discourse. Long term, I want to encourage further political engagement at all levels of government. I hope to see an informed electorate that pursues truth rather than rhetoric, and to see a country that is ready and able to exercise their vote with humility, grace, purpose, and tenacity.

Joshua Senft
Political Science: Class of 2019
written 2016

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