Josh Voigt

Wartburg College

Within Student Senate, Josh held the position of diversity committee chair. Shaped partly by his upbringing in southern Africa, he took as his personal mission the promotion of inclusion by developing the Peace Dialogues.

As a sophomore, he was elected as student body president, the first International student to serve Wartburg College in this capacity. During his presidency, Josh has continued to facilitate dialogue and discussion on inclusion, race, and diversity. For example, he has taken a lead role in Title IX issues on campus and, using his journalism skills, has helped shine a light on race and acceptance.

I meet with him often, and I'm almost overwhelmed by the number of projects on his plate. He identifies systemic challenges that make students' lives more difficult, and then he sets about to overcome them. I've been most impressed by his capacity to identify persistent problems, then to consult with those who are best positioned to resolve them, and finally to persuade everyone that the solutions are within our reach.

Leadership and service are important at Wartburg as evidenced by the college's mission statement: Wartburg College is dedicated to challenging and nurturing students for lives of leadership and service as a spirited expression of their faith and learning. Josh already demonstrates these qualities through his work on campus and in the community.

Darrel Colson
Wartburg College

Personal Statement

I am a hardworking journalist and multimedia specialist who is passionate about telling stories and ensuring people are well informed on things happening in their community and in the world. A passionate leader, I seek out opportunities to develop myself while helping those around me.

My experience as Wartburg College Student Senate Executive Assistant for Diversity and Student Body President will help to further my goal to one day serve as an international journalist and shine a light on social justice issues around the world.

Josh Voigt
Multimedia Journalism and Public Relations / Leadership Minor: Class of 2020
written 2019

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