Josh Miles

St. John Fisher College

Josh Miles, an inclusive adolescence education major with an impressive 3.84 GPA and an anticipated graduation date of May 2019, is a stellar example of living a life of service. A Service Scholar at St. John Fisher College, Josh has a passion for helping individuals with learning, developmental, and intellectual disabilities. His service extends across the St. John Fisher College campus and the broader community through his service with local organizations, his church, and a variety of youth soccer camps. He is the founder of a new campus club called Best Buddies, which helps students with learning or intellectual disabilities become more involved in the Fisher community as well as the broader community. Josh exemplifies the motto of the College's Basilian Founding Fathers, "Teach me goodness, discipline, and knowledge," through his own actions and through his drive to spread the practice of service to others.

Gerard Rooney
St. John Fisher College

Personal Statement

I have a background in doing what I can to help others from all of my family members. Most of my family works for the Salvation Army in some fashion so I've always had an intrinsic desire to be of help to others. This first manifested in second grade when I became great friends with students in the special education classroom, friendships that still last to this day. I then discovered a passion for teaching that has led me to volunteer for people with learning and physical disabilities from high school through college. On campus I am now starting a club called Best Buddies that focuses on helping people with special needs be more involved and included in the local community and specifically on Fisher's campus. I strive to advocate for and be a friend to the many people I have met through the special education field. I continue to volunteer every week even as I study to be a teacher, and in all that I do for work or school or volunteering, I aim to be of service and aid to everyone that I can. I learned this from my family, and I live by this every day.

Josh Miles
Inclusive Adolescence Education: Class of 2019
written 2018

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