Jordan Thomas

North Carolina Central University

Jordan Thomas, a first year political science major at North Carolina Central University has demonstrated a strong passion for social justice as it pertains to members of the his community here in North Carolina or his worldwide community. Jordan's passions lie in providing legal representation for those unable to secure it for themselves, giving voice to the voiceless. He is actively engaged in the Youth Justice Project. As a participant of the Youth Justice Project, Jordan interacts with superintendents, educators and education attorneys on a regular basis in a collaborative effort of dismantling the pipeline between the criminal justice system and the education system. He has championed the causes of affordable food for students and access to book banks for underprivileged students. Jordan has shown the kind of relentless pursuit of truth and service that make us proud to call him an Eagle.

Johnson Akinleye
North Carolina Central University

Personal Statement

The plethora of injustices that often plague defenseless communities is what fuels my interest in social justice. It's my intrinsic duty to fight for the equality, and equity, of all mankind. Social justice activism poises me to create real change for my global community. Humans are connected innately, as Fredrick Douglass said "We are one, our cause is one, and we must help each other if we are to succeed."

It's heart-wrenching knowing people are somewhere suffering, when it only requires someone equipped with the necessary skills and willingness to see injustice cease. As a senior member of the Youth Justice Project, I'm responsible for practical solutions to dismantling the pipeline between the criminal justice system and the education system. I first became interested in social justice via the Teen Court Association. Teen Court allowed me to advocate for teenage first-time offenders who were headed down blind and moral-less paths. The most impactful thing I learned in my tenure of five years, was that the inaction of those who can, leads to the suffering of those who can't.

Jordan Thomas
Political Science: Class of 2021
written 2018

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