Jordan Rasheed

Western Carolina University

Jordan Rasheed, a second year student at Western Carolina University, is a strategic and engaged student leader who passionately believes that civic engagement is more than just the “next step” for student leaders who want to make a difference, but it is the way to actually change the world. She currently serves on the Student Democracy Coalition and has assisted with advocacy work around voter identification, lobbied Congress women and men in Washington, D.C., organized the “Break the Tie” program where students could register to vote and recognize the power of their vote, and has helped prepare student citizens for a civically engaged life. Jordan is not the type of leader to immediately step forward simply to put herself in the center, nor is she the type to speak simply to hear her own voice. Her actions and words matter and leave an impact, possibly even more than most because she strategically chooses so well how and when to act and speak. With her leadership skills and willingness to answer the call to serve others, she is an advocate for all things associated with voter rights and has helped lead the charge for WCU voter registration, education, and engagement efforts.

Dr. Kelli Brown
Western Carolina University

Personal Statement

I have always been passionate about social equity and helping those in need, while also raising awareness about social issues affecting those within my community. I have worked with nonprofit organizations that focus on creating change through service in order to address various systemic issues. Throughout my college career I have worked towards understanding the needs of my community and exploring solutions to meet those needs. I am currently an executive member of Western Carolina’s Rotaract club, an organization where we engage surrounding communities to provide community service. I also work with WCU's University Participant Program, which allows students with intellectual and developmental disabilities to attend WCU in order to gain new skills. I am also a part of the Student Democracy Coalition at WCU; a student led organization that focuses on educating students about civic engagement, and politics through the lens of non-partisanship. Throughout my work, I have been able to see the needs throughout my community and throughout the world. I have been able to listen to the different needs of those within my community and understand what they would like and what they need from me and others.

Jordan Rasheed
Political Science: Class of 2022
written 2020

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