Jordan Parrott

Indiana University Southeast

Jordan Parrott is a third-year student at Indiana University Southeast. He is actively addressing the lack of access to basic provisions among the homeless. During the last year, Jordan worked closely with a grassroots venture involved in social entrepreneurship providing thousands of pairs of socks to people living in homeless shelters. Jordan's efforts include raising awareness of the fact that many homeless people do not even own a single pair of socks to keep their feet clean, dry, and warm; and most of our homeless don't have the luxury of clean socks to wear each day. He continues to mobilize members of the community and school to engage in social purchasing when buying their own socks so that his affiliated organization can provide a pair of socks to designated homeless shelters for every pair purchased. Jordan works with community members, community leaders and his fellow students to ensure they know that targeted purchasing can mean the difference between clean, warm feet and potentially life-threatening disease and frostbite for someone less fortunate.

Ray Wallace
Indiana University Southeast

Personal Statement

I first became involved with helping my community at a young age. I would always help out at my church, school, and local shelters by giving my time and donating items to help others. As a college student studying business, I always figured I could make a difference with how I spend my time. It wasn't until a year ago that a close friend of mine came up with an idea to create a social entrepreneurship that focuses on giving back to our community and specifically the homeless. I saw this as an opportunity to not only better myself as a businessman, but make myself a better person. Sky Footwear is a company that donates a pair of socks for every pair that is purchased to homeless shelters throughout the United States. Socks are a way for people to express themselves and our customers and shelters can see that through our 21 different styles. At the end of the month we will personally deliver the socks and hand them out and this gives us a great opportunity to meet with and listen to the people in our communities.

Jordan Parrott
Business Marketing, Management, and Sales: Class of 2018
written 2017

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