Jonah Adamsky

Northern Essex Community College

Jonah Adamsky has a passion for serving others, giving back to his community, and creating a more just society. Jonah's faculty members describe him as hard working, conscientious, highly intelligent, and strongly motivated. They also describe his strong compassion for his peers. Jonah is Treasurer and provides the majority of leadership to the Community Outreach Group, a student club dedicated to community service. He is also an active member of the Gender Sexuality Alliance, a student club that advocates and educates around issues important to our LGBTQ+ community. Jonah has a strong sense of justice, especially when it comes to children. For the last five years, he has worked with children in a childcare setting. He has a compelling desire to create equal opportunity for all children. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, he understands the complexities of a children growing up in a society still plagued with -isms and the powerful impact this can have in the early stages of socialization and child development. Jonah strives to create an environment for all children to thrive to their fullest potential. I am proud to have Jonah to represent Northern Essex Community College.

Lane Glenn
Northern Essex Community College

Personal Statement

From a young age, I have been concerned for others, particularly those who are in some way disadvantaged, or are LGBTQ+. Volunteering at Ruth's House and the Habitat for Humanity ReStore helped give local communities access to the clothing and housing that they needed. Now, at NECC, I am a proud member of the Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) and I am the Treasurer for the Community Outreach Group (COG). COG is a student led organization which aims to benefit the local communities, including running a food/winter clothing drive for Emmaus House and Lazarus House, and a similar drive called Lights For Puerto Rico, and we are actively planning for upcoming events this spring including an Earth Day Cleanup and
participating in the Walk For Hunger. Since the fall of 2013, I have worked in the field of childcare, mainly with elementary age children. I hope that a degree in psychology will allow me to learn the necessary skills to help them more effectively, and I hope to work with an
organization that helps either disadvantaged or LGBTQ+ children. I am passionate about making sure all children are allowed equal opportunity to thrive.

Jonah Adamsky
Psychology: Class of December 2019
written 2018

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