Jimmy Chambers

Elizabeth City State University

Jimmy Chambers, a sophomore at Elizabeth City State University, is a highly motivated and hardworking person as well as student leader. He now serves as the Vice President of external affairs in the Student Government Association and is no stranger to working in the community. He is passionate about improving student and community relations and creating programs and initiatives to bridge the two. He consistently volunteers at many elementary schools, men's programs, and serves as a mentor at the local Boys and Girls Club. Passion is an understatement when describing Jimmy’s love for impacting the community. The persistent effort he commits towards making sure students have opportunities to volunteer is unprecedented. His greatest assets are his willingness to take initiative, his vast potential, and how he strives for excellence. Above all, I have been graced to witness his unrelenting work ethic as he develops his program to increase empathy and equality through community organizing.

Dr. Karrie Dixon
Elizabeth City State University

Personal Statement

My name is Jimmy Chambers and I am a sophomore at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU). In my lifetime, I’ve always had a passion for giving back to my community. In my freshman year of college, I competed for the position of SGA Vice President of External Affairs. After a competitive campaign I was voted into office. My platform was “Bridging the Gap,” which focused on building a positive relationship between ECSU and the community. One of the models I live by is “I started living, when I started giving.” That quote means a lot to me because I believe it’s more important to give than to receive. I give back to the community by getting our students involved by volunteering at local elementary schools’ and the local Boys and Girls Clubs. My plan is to start a mentoring group that will keep young males on the right track in life as it is shown that if they don’t stay on a positive track they likely be lost to criminal justice system, having a negative impact on their lives. I challenge you to make an impact in your community. Will you accept the challenge?

Jimmy Chambers
Criminal Justice: Class of 2022
written 2020

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