Jessie Malit

North Carolina Central University

Mr. Malit is a senior, pursing a Bachelor of Science in Political Science with a concentration in Pre-Law and Theory. He is also a student-athlete and student leader. Mr. Malit is actively engaged in advocating support for poverty issues including housing and food security and quality education, as well as civic engagement. Most recently, he provided leadership with a non-partisan organization to raise the level of education and involvement to get out the vote. Mr. Malit has served diligently in the community with food banks, as well as helping to house the homeless, not only in Durham, but in the community where he lives.

Johnson Akinleye
North Carolina Central University

Personal Statement

My primary focus and interests are in the fields of civil rights, education, and poverty eradication. Prior to coming to college, I volunteered my time at varying organizations that involved one or more of the topics listed prior. I first became involved in the community by volunteering at a Battered Women’s Shelter with my family. Additionally, I led my church youth group in a homelessness project where we provided shelter and food for the homeless men during the winter at my local church. My volunteer efforts have continued throughout college as I have volunteered with the Food Bank of North Carolina as well as with local elementary schools. I have also led civil engagement efforts at my university to increase student voter turnout in addition to educating youth on the importance of political activism. These efforts highlight my ability to successfully organize and collaborate with my community to solve social issues.

Jessie Malit
Political Science/ Pre-Law and Theory: Class of 21-Dec
written 2021

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