Jessica Thayer

Frostburg State University

Jessica Thayer, a junior at Frostburg State University, serves as our SGA Governance Chair where she is working with leadership and senators to expand the SGA constitution to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion among those who represent our student body. She has been actively engaged in policy reform through promoting a constitutional amendment to ensure that all student voices are heard and collaboration across all identities become the future foundation of SGA. This innovative approach was specifically designed to connect students from differing cultures and life circumstances, to find common ground and collaborative solutions that bring people together rather than highlighting differences that pull us apart.

Dr. Ronald Nowaczyk
Frostburg State University

Personal Statement

Having the ability to lead with compassion and resilience allows true leaders to instill confidence and passion within those around them; which is how I believe social change is made. From having served on the Student Government Association, I have seen the impact that people can make when they work collectively towards the same goal. Through SGA, I have helped shape policy on our campus, and have also facilitated hierarchical relationships with faculty and administration to ensure that the student voice is being heard. While communication and collaboration may be troubled in today’s world, I strive to foster an environment of educated debate and discussion so that we can deepen our understanding of those around us. I recently created a Debate Team on my campus for exactly this reason. I wrote a constitution from scratch and slowly formed a group of educated and empathetic students who can now not only spot where change is needed, but also make it happen. The Debate Team works to change the negative stigma surrounding politics by encouraging young voters to be engaged and actionable. I have learned that selfless leadership is not only necessary, but also rewarding; as social change cannot be achieved alone.

Jessica Thayer
Law & Society/Political Science: Class of 2021
written 2020

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