Jessica Shelton

Kentucky Wesleyan College

Jessica Shelton has been an outstanding student leader during her time at Wesleyan. She is currently the vice president of Philanthropy and Keeper of Ritual for AOII, the secretary for Panhellenic, the chair of philanthropy for the Student Government Association, and an active member of multiple other campus organizations and clubs, including Campus Ministries.

An Elementary Education major, Jessica has volunteered with multiple organizations since 2016, including vacation bible school, summer camps, and prayer teams. In 2017, she volunteered a week at Give Kids the World Village, with other Wesleyan students. Jessica has a passion for children and volunteerism.

Mr. Barton Darrell
Kentucky Wesleyan College

Personal Statement

I have always had the desire to serve others before serving myself. This innate passion inside myself has driven me to countless opportunities that I could never have thought possible. What I have learned most from these opportunities and the passion I have is to take others circumstances into consideration. With this consideration I could potentially help them to a greater extent by meeting their specific. I believe the possible root cause for the majority of our societies social issues stems from individuals not taking others' lives into consideration. Through my work with children as an elementary education major and summer camp volunteer I have observed one way we could solve this problem. In our school system we can help foster the youths to develop the same spark I have for charity work by having them participate in volunteer opportunities in their own community. In helping others' students will see what a difference they can make in someone's life just through a simple act of kindness. To motivate our youth to be the change we need in the world we must also take initiative to help others and be leaders in our community.

Jessica Shelton
Elementary Education: Class of 2021
written 2019

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