Jessica Alejandre

California State University, Fresno

Ms. Jessica Alejandre is a third-year student at Fresno State and has been very active in her local community. Through her service commitments, she has worked with local community benefit organizations such as Sierra Foothill Conservancy, Habitat for Humanity: ReStore, Shinzen Japanese Friendship Garden, Salvation Army, and The Discovery Center. Her work has addressed issues such as the importance of civic engagement and community service for college students and inspiring them to be agents of change in their community. For the past two years, Ms. Jessica Alejandre has provided hundreds of hours of service through Fresno State's Richter Center Student Leadership program. In her leadership capacity, Ms. Jessica Alejandre has planned, implemented, and led campus sponsored one-day service events (built around national and local days of service). These events provide her peers, staff, faculty, and alumni of the university the opportunity to engage with their community through service.

Joseph I. Castro
California State University, Fresno

Personal Statement

My community service involvement has primarily focused on community enhancement. A vibrant, welcoming community brings positivity to the people who call that community home. When residents feel proud of their community they feel a willingness to maintain and improve their community. Any negative stigma about our community serves as a motivation for students and staff to initiate change. The diversity of the Fresno community offers multiple opportunities to address social issues. As a member of the S.E.R.V.E committee at California State University, Fresno, I lead one day service events with the primary goal of improving the lives of current and future residents. My efforts as a student leader help the greater social issue of low economic standing. Over the years I have learned being employed does not mean a person is able to afford all the necessities, such as adequate housing, food, clothing and healthcare. Many families struggle despite having a job and, therefore, continue to depend on social services and community organizations. My goal as a student leader is to help others and improve our community through service.

Jessica Alejandre
Psychology: Class of 05/2019
written 2018

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