Jermaine Meadows

The College at Brockport (SUNY)

Jermaine Meadows has made a strong impression on our campus since he arrived. He has demonstrated his passion for social justice and anti-racism activism through his involvement at Brockport. As member of the Men of Color organization and Muslim Student Association, he strives to create an inclusive community for all, particularly students of color. His own experience growing up in a community that was under resourced has fueled his desire to create opportunities for underserved populations. His work within the Office of Diversity provides the opportunity to facilitate community conversations on a large-scale. Jermaine has attended the State of the Black World Conference and is working to bring the knowledge he gained back to Brockport. Jermaine truly represents what it means to be a Newman Civic Fellow. He recently helped organize a protest of the executive order banning travel from Muslim-majority countries. This peaceful march brought together diverse members of the campus community. Additionally, Jermaine was chosen to be a student facilitator for the Brockport Community Conversation on Cultural Humility. He also assisted with organizing a Campus Safety Forum. Jermaine's leadership style is unique in that he rarely seeks the limelight in his efforts to create change and build bridges.

Heidi Macpherson
The College at Brockport (SUNY)

Personal Statement

As someone who has grown up as a part of a community that is under resourced and often disenfranchised, I believe in empowering the voice of the people. I have chosen to work in the field of education because I believe that a focus on access and education will allow me to show other young people that there are opportunities, experiences, jobs and career paths, bigger than what they have been exposed to. I'm a first generation college student with several members of my family incarcerated and/or impacted by the criminal justice system. I am aware of the importance of role models and different opportunities that allow people to see potential paths for progress, access, and equity. I have learned about the importance of collaboration, self awareness, and being a part of the change you want to see. Through my life experiences and my time at Brockport, I have learned how to bring people together and focus on issues that are important and relevant. I am committed to making sure that people like me feel empowered, safe, and connected to the work of social justice and change.

Jermaine Meadows
Adaptive Physical Education: Class of May 2018
written 2017

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