Jeremy Uitenbroek

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Jeremy Uitenbroek, a first-year student at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) completing his Fire Protection Technician Associates Degree, is dedicated to serving both his school and his community. Jeremy regularly volunteers his time on behalf of NWTC teaching fire prevention and protection for the community, especially children and K12 students. In addition, he is pursuing emergency service instructor development coursework to support and create learning environments while teaching fellow students and community members public safety skills. His goal is to enhance the College experience for his fellow students and to foster leadership growth through community involvement. Outside of NWTC, one of many ways Jeremy serves his community is as a member of the local volunteer fire department. For the past 6 years, Jeremy has been actively involved with teaching others about fire safety and supporting fire safety initiatives. His motto is “Don’t train until you get it right, train until you can’t get it wrong.” As a third-generation volunteer firefighter, Jeremy plans to continue this tradition while incorporating fire safety education into his professional career.

Dr. Jeffrey Rafn
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Personal Statement

Growing up I was always involved in my community, everything from 4-H programming, teaching religious ed classes and serving on my church’s maintenance board, to coaching middle school volleyball and basketball. If there was an opportunity to help, I was ready to get involved. As I grew personally and professionally, I wanted to do more for my community. I’ve always had a passion for firefighting especially because my grandpa, dad, and two of my uncles were firefighters. After high school, I went to join the local volunteer fire department. I loved every second of it, especially the feeling of dropping everything to go help someone in need. As my passion grew from volunteering, I joined the City of Kaukauna Fire Department as an on-call firefighter. After being able to serve the community on two different departments I knew without a doubt this was a career and public service I would always want to do. Every time I help another person on a call or in class I always try to take something away from that experience, so I can be even more beneficial to others as I continue to pursue the career as a firefighter.

Jeremy Uitenbroek
Fire Protection Technician Associate Degree: Class of 2021
written 2020

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