Jensa Baumgartner

Great Falls College Montana State University

Jensa Baumgartner, who is preparing to graduate from Great Falls College MSU in summer 2021, was inspired by her own experience to a life of helping others. After freeing herself from addiction and domestic violence, she enrolled in the college’s Connections 101 program at the age pf 24. This program assists students in becoming college or career ready. Jensa credits the program with setting her on her academic path. Described by faculty and staff as initially shy, she quickly became a leader in assisting classmates both academically and in their personal lives. She is described variously as dedicated, impressive, focused, engaged and a leader. She has been inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, the campus honor society. Jensa is active in Jail Ministry, where she is described as faithful and supportive – meeting with inmates weekly. She balances her academic and service life while caring for her blended family. After graduating with an Associate of Science degree, Jensa will continue her studies in the University of Montana’s social work program and hopes to eventually earn a master’s degree to best enable her to help others who struggle with addition and other problems.

Stephanie Erdmann
Great Falls College Montana State University

Personal Statement

Before I ever thought about going to college, I got wrapped up in a life of addiction and domestic violence. I managed to graduate high school; but after that, it was a downward spiral on a dark path that wasn’t even worth living. I had lost everything, including my daughter. Eventually, my counselor sent me to inpatient treatment at Rimrock Treatment Center. While there, I started going to church and started to see a purpose for my life. I was able to be a mother to my daughter and newborn son again. I continued to go to church and graduated from the Discipleship Program at the Great Falls Rescue Mission. Through this time, I met my husband and my two stepdaughters. Through the struggles I have endured and made it through, it has become my passion to help others going through similar things. That’s why I am pursuing the field of social work. I want to specifically be an addictions counselor. I want to help guide those that are lost in bondage to a life of freedom. I want to help addicts and battered women know that there is hope, and your life really can change into something wonderful.

Jensa Baumgartner
Social Work: Class of May 2024
written 2022

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