Jenna Puffinburger

Frostburg State University

Jenna Puffinburger, a third year student at Frostburg State University, has demonstrated her commitment to her fellow students. She has emerged as a strong advocate for making certain that our students' voices are heard. She is working to improve academic advising, for extended library hours, and in assisting in the recruitment of new students. Her strong advocacy has also included fund raising for a bobcat statue to promote school pride, and Jenna is currently exploring crowdfunding to support our new food pantry.

She serves as Vice President of the Student Government Association; her effectiveness in this role has been enhanced by the quality of the relationships she has formed with individuals throughout the campus. She has demonstrated her commitment to address differences through thoughtful and civil dialogue. Jenna understands the important role that listening plays in leadership. She is investing in her own personal growth through her involvement on campus and through an internship that gave her insight into the difference that social entrepreneurs throughout the globe are making for our planet and its people.

Dr. Ronald Nowaczyk
Frostburg State University

Personal Statement

For as long as I can remember I have always had a passion for student leadership and social change. After arriving at Frostburg State University, I quickly became involved in the Student Government Association as well as a variety of other organizations. My passion was even further enhanced after a summer internship with an organization whose motto is "Everyone a Changemaker." This resonated with me strongly and I take pride in leading with empathy and ensuring that every student has a voice and is given the opportunity to use it. During my time as Student Government Association Vice President, I have spearheaded a project that successfully raised over $7,000.00 for a bobcat statue for our campus. Not only did this project bring together students, faculty, staff, and alumni, but it is my hope that the bobcat statue will be a unifying feature to our campus that brings us all together as bobcats through traditions, memories, and laughs. The opportunity to network with other students through the Newman Civic Fellowship would be an amazing opportunity to learn, grow, and collaborate with young changemakers of different backgrounds.

Jenna Puffinburger
Business Administration: Class of 2020
written 2019

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