Jeannette Ingabire

Mount Mary University

Jeannette Ingabire, a third-year student at Mount Mary University, is a student leader active in addressing the problem of healthcare inequity. She has been working at the Medical College of Wisconsin exploring how ACE's (Adverse Childhood Experiences) affect the health of children and how to improve the availability of quality healthcare to impoverished communities.

Christine Pharr
Mount Mary University

Personal Statement

As an aspiring scientist, I consider addressing healthcare disparities to be both my passion and the responsibility I owe to all global citizens. Growing up in a developing Sub-Saharan country has allowed me to see the vital role of public health innovations in reducing social injustices. It is neither fair nor just that children who grow up in poor neighborhoods are more likely to develop serious health conditions during adulthood.
Scientific research on the health outcomes, both mental and physical, associated with healthcare disparities is vital. These findings will be crucial to creating novel solutions and social change, especially making quality healthcare available to all. This past summer, I did research at the Medical College of Wisconsin on the link between adverse childhood experiences and diabetes outcomes. Our results showed that children who live in poverty have higher chances of developing adult-onset diabetes. In addition, collaboration between the government and the people who live in poor neighborhoods is critical for addressing public health issues. Continued advocacy for health coverage for all is crucial. In a country like the United States, no child should lose a chance to a long, successful, and healthy life because of poverty.

Jeannette Ingabire
Biology: Class of 2019
written 2018

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