Jayci Jones

Northeastern State University

Jayci Jones, a soon to be graduate of Northeastern State University, will continue her education at law school this fall. She has exemplified civic engagement and the importance of on and off campus engagement throughout her time at NSU. She held various leadership roles at NSU that helped her connect with not only other students but faculty and staff as well. She held a Director position for Rookie Bridge Camp for two years, served as Senator, Judicial Chair, and is currently serving as the Vice President for the Northeastern Student Government Association. She has also held an executive position in the Delta Zeta sorority. She is always willing to help in any way that she can and does not shy away from a challenge. She is passionate about civic engagement and looks forward to incorporating this into her future education at law school.

Dr. Steve Turner
University President
Northeastern State University

Personal Statement

I have always been interested in improving my community through civic engagement.
Before becoming a student at Northeastern State University I was mainly involved in
student council based civic engagement. I helped organize countless food and toy
drives around the holidays. I really enjoyed being able to organize the operations side of
community service and be a hands on volunteer. I have attempted to achieve this same
position on my college campus. While at NSU I have helped orchestrate large scale
single day volunteering projects such as Big Event or MLK Day of service. Now as I
prepare to enter law school in the Fall, I am shifting my focus. Rather than continue to
help plan community service days, I am looking for civic engagement opportunities that
utilize my interest and skills in the legal field. I plan to join or start a Public Interest
Board at my future law school that will seek to involve students in community service,
public service and pro bono work as they earn their legal degrees.

Jayci Jones
Double major in Political Science and History: Class of 2020
written 2020

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