Javier Brown III

Millersville University

Mr. Javier Brown III, a junior majoring in psychology, is a respected leader among his peers and a role model for engagement. The majority of his service and leadership focuses on college and career coaching/mentoring of high school students in a local urban school district, where over two-thirds of the students live in poverty, and improving educational outcomes and academic persistence of underrepresented first-year college students.
Javier has served as a career educator for an AmeriCorps VISTA project designed to increase 9-12th grade students' access to higher education opportunities, dedicating nearly 200 hours mentoring students individually and in groups and presenting over eighty college and career readiness workshops. Javier also serves as a peer specialist in a mentoring program called the Pre-Scholars Summer Institute and is a member of Millersville Concerned Men, providing support and resources to encourage college readiness, academic success and persistence. Javier serves as an officer in the University's Society on Latino Affairs organization and has participated in student leadership conferences including the Student Leadership Development Institute by Pennsylvania Black Conference on Higher Education and the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute.

Dr. Daniel Wubah
Millersville University

Personal Statement

I was quickly introduced to the lesson of civic leadership at the very young age of seven. Taking part in a non-profit organization founded by my then 10-year old brother, I learned the importance of civic responsibility. Throughout the years, I've learned the impact of dedicating myself to help others who were less fortunate and in need of fellowship. Throughout my transition from high school to Millersville University, I continued to build upon my leadership skills. I have dedicated my time becoming proactive in mentorship programs that promote opportunities that will precipitate a collective vision for a better future. Through programs like the Tornado Career Corps, Lancaster Partnership Program, Pre-scholar Summer Institute, Society on Latino Affairs, and Millersville Concerned Men, I continue to work diligently helping others sharpen their abilities to navigate change. These mentorship programs have been vital sources educating students and helping at-risk youth embrace the next phase of life. I have devoted myself to help others find their voice and move forward in positions of leadership. By engaging students in my school and throughout my community I can continue to educate on life topics that allow them to explore how our present choices effect our future.

Javier Brown III
Psychology: Class of 2020
written 2019

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