Jasmine Walton

Seminole State College of Florida

Jasmin Walton is finishing her first year at Seminole State College after completing her GED in our adult high school. From the beginning, Jasmin became actively involved at the college by joining the Student Government Association, the Seminole State Volunteers, and serving as president of the Student Connection club. As a minority majority campus, creating a sense of community and building fellowship among her peers are important to her. She has put in great efforts to develop relationships and friendships so all students have an equal opportunity for access and education. Through Seminole State Volunteers, Jasmin coordinated several service projects to engage students within Seminole County and increase their awareness of our community issues. Jasmin is admired by her peers for her perseverance and her commitment to making a difference in our community.

E. Ann McGee
Seminole State College of Florida

Personal Statement

Community, cooperation and fellowship. Each of these words has a significant meaning however, when you add them together they become a way of life. My journey at Seminole State College has not been long but when I began in March of 2017 in the Seminole State College Adult Education program everything for me had changed. A first generation student coming from a life of financial and home instability, I wanted to make a difference. I immediately integrated myself into all the college had to offer. I became a member of Student Government Association, I volunteered every weekend with the Seminole State Volunteer Leadership Team and helped in any way that I could. After two months I graduated the GED program with honors. Now, I am the President for Seminole Connection, which serves as the "Resource Hub" for Seminole State connecting students with campus life and the resources the school and community has to offer. I became the Peer Educator for the Victim Service Center, where we provide free presentations and resources to students on how to prevent sexual assault and assist those who may be victims. As a member of the Seminole State Volunteer Leadership Team, I had the privilege of working with some amazing organizations such as Love Missions, Mustard Seed, and Clean the World. Providing resources to students in need, helping those without and having the opportunity to impact a life are three major components that make up who I am, what I do, and where I am going.

Jasmine Walton
Information Technology Systems: Class of August 2019
written 2018

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