Jasmine McKee

Barry University

Jasmine McKee is deeply involved in Barry University's Campus Democracy Project, a nonpartisan initiative aimed at promoting civic learning and democratic engagement through voter education, registration, and mobilization. In the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election, she could be found between classes in the student union, monitoring the simulated voting booth she created to familiarize students with the voting process. On Election Day, she shuttled many of her peers from campus to nearby polls. Additionally, this first-generation college student has been a mentor to middle-school students at the Lillie C. Evans K-8 Center in Liberty City, one of Miami's underserved neighborhoods, where she has encouraged early interest in civic engagement through political institutions and processes. Currently a Barry Service Corps Fellow, Jasmine participates in a program designed to cultivate civic-mindedness and to prepare students for future roles as agents of positive social change. As part of this program, based in the Center for Community Service Initiatives, she serves on a team of student leaders who support the work of Miami's PACT (People Acting for Community Together). She has also supported the efforts of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to improve the quality of life for farm workers.

Linda Bevilacqua OP, PhD
Barry University

Personal Statement

I have been engaged in civic activities at Barry University since my freshman year. Through the Campus Democracy Project (CDP), my initial involvement was to assist with voter registration and education. I created a mock voting booth, co-hosted Presidential Debate Watch parties, and provided shuttle service to polling stations on Election Day 2016. I now serve on the CDP Committee, helping to promote democratic engagement among my peers. In addition, I have been a mentor to middle-school students in the Speech and Debate Club at Lillie C. Evans, a K-8 school in a community where youth face systemic challenges and need good role models. Since the start of the 2017-2018 academic year, my civic engagement has become more intense as I participate in the Barry Service Corps Fellows Program, which prepares students for civic leadership roles. As part of my current role, I am involved in the work of PACT (People Acting for Community Together), a direct-action organization that empowers community groups, holds officials accountable, and promotes justice and democracy in Miami-Dade County. I appreciate the process used by PACT to address issues like immigration, gun violence, and affordable housing; and I am committed to getting more students involved.

Jasmine McKee
History: Class of December 2019
written 2018

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