Jane Macsay

Converse College

Jane Macsay, a third year student at Converse College, is a student leader active in addressing issues of access to healthcare for all people. During her tenure at Converse she has volunteered with local nonprofits to address the needs of those who live on the margins of our community. She has used her position as class president to advocate for and raise awareness about those in our community who lack access to quality healthcare. She has also recruited her teammates and classmates to volunteer with these nonprofits.

Krista Newkirk
Converse College

Personal Statement

From a young age, I was speaking up for those without a voice. I began my trek of advocating for equal healthcare opportunities at my local church. I would provide food to the homeless and aid with pro-life campaigns, speaking up for children not yet born. In a society that continues to revise economic policies, I understand not every individual can be assured quality healthcare insurance, but they should never feel despair. As a result, I have dedicated myself to humanitarian projects that seek to take action and combat the disparity seen in the local community. Serving as class president at Converse College, I offer my leadership with blood drives and clothing donations. I also work at hospital fundraisers that support cardiovascular healthcare services and donate money to patients with terminal diseases. I am involved with Habitat for Humanity, building houses for those not financially stable and I volunteer at the Pelham Medical Center, offering comfort to patients of varying economic backgrounds. Anyone can be forced into a financial situation that leaves them at odds with receiving proper healthcare. Through my community efforts, I realize that offering my time and talents can alleviate the stress people have with navigating healthcare organizations and companies.

Jane Macsay
Biology: Class of 2018
written 2017

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