Jamia Brown

Tulane University

Jamia Brown, is a dynamic student leader who embodies the shared values of Tulane University and Campus Compact. Through her powerful work as a facilitator, community organizer, and student leader, Jamia has already helped to create a campus community that is more equitable, inclusive and engaged with the New Orleans community.

Michael A. Fitts
Tulane University

Personal Statement

Since middle school, I have been committed to change-making in New Orleans. At 13, I began my work within education reform advocacy and other interlocking systemic issues prevalent to New Orleans youth. My comrades and I would lead political educations and workshops targeted at other New Orleans youth of color that covered topics ranging from the prison industrial complex, food justice, cultural healing, and the education system locally and nationally. Through my work at that youth-centered non-profit, would begin developing and sharpening my skills as a facilitator, organizer, and community member for several years. I have fostered my passion for organizing and equity work through programs in Tulane’s Center for Public Service. Since joining the CPS community I have served as a Community Engagement Advocate, facilitating dialogues surrounding anti-racism, community building, diversity, and inclusion within the Tulane community and the surrounding New Orleans area. In conjunction, I have had a hands-on approach to aiding the service-learning courses on campus by serving as a Service-Learning Assistant for several service-learning courses. In this role, I serve as a liaison between the course’s partner within the New Orleans community and the professor and students.

Jamia Brown
Gender & Sexuality Studies/ Africana Studies: Class of May 2023
written 2022

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