Jade Gibson

Kentucky Wesleyan College

Jade Gibson is a senior Psychology major at Kentucky Wesleyan College. She has been incredibly involved in our campus and in outreach in to our community. She understands that she has an obligation to use her talents to make the lives of others better. Jade spent this past summer working with "Give Kids the World" so that she could do what she saw as her part to make their quality of life better, even though their duration of their lives might have been shortened by sickness. She is a humble servant with a world view that is very re-freshing and much needed in these times. Jade has also been an extremely active member if Alpha Omicron Pi and through that sorority, she has given countless hours of public service to our community.

Jade has been this public servant and leader while also finding the time to be a strong student, a varsity cheerleader, an active member of the Psychology Club, and is involved in many other activities and initiatives on campus. Jade is always flashing her warm smile and makes everyone around her feel better and helps them BE better.

Bart Darrell
Kentucky Wesleyan College

Personal Statement

I have always had the urge to help people and always wanted to jump in and be of service. From a young age I started with helping at my church with choreography and crafts for the kids during bible study or Sunday school. I also would go with my aunt to RedBanks nursing home and help in any way that they would allow, which includes being extra hands when they held their annual prom for the elderly. As the years went on, I had become the president of "The Climate Group" for two years in high school which was a group focused on making positive changes in the school and community.

Since then I have volunteered some with Girls Inc., the Pork Producers, with my sorority, and Give Kids the World (GKTW). GKTW happens to be where my passion lays. I discovered this place and was able to go there because of my school and once I got there I quickly fell in love. I have now put in 70 hours at this magical place where "Happiness inspires hope" and plan to spend many more hours there along with spreading the word about the place that stole my heart.

Jade Gibson
Psychology: Class of 2019
written 2018

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