Jacquelyn Perez

North Central Missouri College

Jacquelyn Perez is a dedicated scholar, leader, and advocate on the North Central Missouri College campus. She is passionate about reducing the social stigma and inequalities experienced by immigrants and their families. On campus, Jacquelyn works in the admissions office and serves as a student ambassador. Recently, she volunteered to serve as an interpreter at a local financial aid event. She did this on her own volition after noticing an unmet need. Jacquelyn serves as a church youth group leader and has helped coordinate diversity events in the community. Jacquelyn is a first generation college student who will major in international affairs. She plans to attend law school with the goal of practicing immigration law. Her long-term aspirations include helping individuals and families, as well as having an impact on local, state, and national policy.

Dr. Lenny Klaver
North Central Missouri College

Personal Statement

I pride myself in carrying out the motto, “living to serve.” While residing in such a diverse area, I’ve had the privilege to serve others through food pantries, community service, and active advocating for the Latinx community. I aspire to represent vulnerable individuals; I want to stand up for their rights, which is why I’ve decided to major in International Relations and later purse law school to become an immigration attorney. My passion to contribute and advocate for the minority has come from firsthand experiences. I can personally account for the many challenges that follow the Latinx community, one being the negative stereotypes portrayed in various media. As a first generation Mexican/American student, I have committed myself to make a change within the community and beyond, to end those negative stereotypes and advocate for minorities. It is evident that social change and equality are necessary now more than ever considering that the Latinx population continues to increase in the United States. I hope to inspire others as I grow and mature through my work and education, so that together we can make changes that help minorities and pave the way for the future of the Latinx community.

Jacquelyn Perez
Associate of Arts Transfer Degree: Class of 2021
written 2020

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